We craft unique presentations for your employees - or - potential customers incorporating
Features & Benefits and/or we instill culture change from within
Your message is Target Constructed and Pinpoint Delivered, like magic. After we learn about your product or service
we can custom-craft presentations using our special illustrative devices and expert communication skills

Most any subject can be highlighted including tangible and non-tangible products, services, needs or skills.

Prospective or Existing Customer Presentations
Employee Presentations, In-house or On-Location -
• Implementing new strategies and ideals such as:
...Working as a cohesive unit
...New operating procedures (Culture change)
...Safety regulations and why they work
...Time management skills
...Minding the basics
...Riding the wave
...New ways to connect with your customers
•Motivational Speeches & Awards Programs
•In-depth instruction of the seven prime methods of selling
•Other culture-change related issues
•Company party entertainment for banquets or conventions
...Optional game show segments that encourage "your best" to share their knowledge, for prizes (everybody wins)
•Creative development for new campaigns
•Outside council for advertising concepts
•Design and manufacturing of specialty props, displays and mechanical prototypes
•Trade show productions & Hospitality suites:
...We use your product in live demonstrations highlighting your individualFeatures and Benefits.
...New product introduction
...Branding your image using speech, graphics and visually
...Trade show attractions targeted for your market
...Turning last years product into the new model, magically
•Commercial voice-overs and talent
•Product placement in various institutions
•Graphics, logo and copyrighting services
•Making the CEO appear on stage at a convention
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We also manufacture custom magic tricks like the elite chair suspension from Jay Leslie.

If you are a school show peformer chair suspension is perfect. a strong chair suspension is also great for parties. It's a one man illusion that does not need any assistants because you use a volunteer from the audience.

Here's the link to read about it LINK

Who uses the adult chair suspension?
Mentalist chair suspension magic trick
Corporate speaker illusion magic trick
motivational speaker illusion
Adult party chair suspension magic trick
You set-up every part in front of the audeince and a volunteer apearantly wills themselves to float or be suspended.

We have some of the biggest names in the magic world using our chair suspensions, Read about this one here, LINK